Building and Rebuilding Instruments

A fascination and passion for low brass.

The tuba has been a part of Matthias Vogt's life since his student days, and it continues to fascinate him. Therefore, it is no coincidence that his masterpiece is an original Hirsbrunner tuba. With enormous love for detail, we all share this passion for tuba-making. Today, we are also proud to be able to call ourselves specialists in the re-building and modification of every type of brass instrument.
The Difference is in the Detail
Every instrument is as unique as the musician who plays it. The minutest modifications can bring about enormous changes. Is the rebuild necessary because of the musician's physical requirements, or does it have to do with the instrument's tone or appearance? We work to find the answers to these questions in a personal consultation with the musician. For us, this is like finding the correct key for unlocking the door, because we will only be fully satisfied when our customers are, too..

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