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Tobias is the national winner in our field.On 11 November, Tobias Ackerschewski demonstrated his skills as part in the „Leistungswettbewerb des Deutschen Handwerks – Profis leisten was (PLW) (German Confederation of Skilled Crafts Competition – Pros show their skills)“. Now this newly-graduated maker of brass instruments can also count "national winner" among his accolades.

„Congratulations, Tobias! We are so proud!“
08/2017 - A touch of HollywoodOur team member Tobias Ackerschewski has completed his brass instrument making training at the top of his year. He was then awarded together with us as a training company with the Educational Oscar, a recognition of the Oscar Walcker Vocational school in Ludwigsburg for the year's best graduates.

Many congratulations Tobias!

We are very happy that Tobias, now a qualified craftsman, will remain a member of our team.
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