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10/2015 - An excellent day!We were able to welcome more than 200 guests to our open workshop on Saturday, October 10th. Extremely pleasant conversations, a little business talk and very kind, appreciative words for the rearrangement of our premises were complemented by some musical serenades from our team members Philip, Matthias and Tobias.

Particularly our little guests found it terrific to swing a hammer or to wave a polishing cloth. We were able to explain or demonstrate a little bit about the techniques of our craft to the adults. Of course some guests did not miss the chance to also have a go on an instrument.

What remains? 20 emptied bottles of champagne, infinite joy and also a little pride in the positive reaction of friends, partners and customers for our workshop concept.

Many thanks for that!
09/2015 - We would like to warmly welcome you to our “Open Workshop”!On October 10, all of our customers, partners and friends are invited to come by and visit us in our newly remodeled workshop – at our old familiar address! We look forward to a wonderful day of sharing spontaneous music-making and interesting conversations about our workshop, as well as enjoying some tasty delicacies.

We will have a presentation of a wide variety of brass instruments for you to admire, and you are also invited to try your hand yourself in our show workshop. On this day, anyone who would like to polish an instrument, remove dents or bend instrumental brass will have an opportunity to do just that! And for those who are interested in glancing over the shoulder of one of our craftsmen as he works, they will learn a few things about the various techniques we employ in our trade.

When? Saturday, October 10, 2015 11:00am – 6:00pm
Where? In our workshop/store at Zschochersche Str. 28 in Leipzig.
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