Current News and Events

08/2015 - More space for our work!It’s finished! In the past several weeks, we've expanded our workshop and sales areas, and created not only more space, but more air and light! You will still find us at our usual location on Zschochersche Straße in the Plagwitz district of Leipzig. For those who are interested, we'd be glad (and proud!) to give you a tour of our new facilities. Now, we may even be able to somewhat shorten your waiting time! In any event, we will all do our best! We look forward to your visit!
03/2015 - Instrument Makers at the Book Fair?The Book Fair is devoted to presenting a multi-faceted approach to the topic of education, and this is why we instrument makers were invited to demonstrate our craftsmanship there. It was a great success! Just as last year, the many, many conversations we held there showed us that people who are interested in literature often also play an instrument. Thanks to our close cooperation with the MDR broadcasting company and the organisers of the Leipzig Book Fair, it was the second time that we were able to participate in the Book Fair.
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