Master Craftsman Workshop

Those who make music do so with their whole heart.

Musicians love sound, melody and emotion. And they love their instrument. For them, their instrument is far more than just a way of making sound: it is also a soul mate. As a workshop for instrument building, we see ourselves as the intermediary between the artist and the craft, making the musician’s daily work as fulfilling as possible.
As master craftsmen for brass instrument building, we offer a comprehensive service: from repairing your valuable instrument, to custom modifications, to instrument maintenance, all the way to expert restoration of historical brass wind instruments. We can also provide you with expert guidance when it comes to buying new instruments and accessories.
For all musicians who use their instruments intensively or for their daily work, we offer a reliable and flexible service, as well as an emergency service. Tell us how we can help you!
Vogt Instruments - Master Craftsman Workshop