"With great passion for detail, the Hirsbrunner CC-290 was created."

This instrument, an original Hirsbrunner Tuba with five valves, is made of gold brass with light gold-silver plating. The particular metals chosen for this instrument not only give it an extremely attractive warm appearance, but are also more resistant to corrosion than conventional brass.
A great deal of time and a passion for detail went into to making this instrument, as you can tell by looking at the bell, which was turned by hand. In addition, each individual component was handcrafted, giving the instrument its own unique character. Its warm, mellow tone, combined with its precision responsiveness, makes this instrument a joy for both player and listener alike. Of particular mention are the tuba's miniball linkages. They are made of bronze, combined with steel, making them harder than conventional linkages and, most importantly for any musician, making them exceptionally durable. This greatly reduces wear and tear on the instrument.
Vogt Instruments - Masterpiece