Matthias Vogt

Music is my passion!

An instrument maker must understand every aspect of the instrument.
I obtained this knowledge, along with the requisite technical skills, during my education in Leipzig, at the end of which I won the national championship in the “Practical Skills Competition for Young Craftsmen”. During my studies, and following them, I gained valuable experience working at the tradition-steeped Swiss firm of Hirsbrunner and Co, and after that, spent time travelling around the world, becoming acquainted with colleagues in Hungary and Italy, as well as visiting instrument repair shops in China and France. This international exchange provided invaluable knowledge from all over the world.
These days, my goal is to utilize that knowledge and those skills in our brass instrument workshop in Leipzig to serve our customers all over the globe. My passion for music continues unabated, and it is just this kind of intense contact to the German and European music scene that fills me with pride and provides me with a wealth of opportunity for professional and personal growth.
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